Our saunas also offer color therapy or chromotherapy, one of the most ancient healing therapies. When used right, it can help boost natural healing ability of the body, not only to cure diseases but also prevent them. When you book your sauna session, let us know what color you would like to have for your chromotherapy. 

Red - Activates nervous and circulatory systems

Pink - Removes impurities from the bloodstream

Strong pink - Strengthens veins and arteries

Orange - Eliminates localized fat and boosts energy levels

Strong yellow - Acts on internal connective tissue and joints

Yellow - Purifies and reactivates skin

Strong Green - Regenerates, assists as an antiseptic against mircoorganisms

Green - Relaxes nerves, provides energy for body cleanliness

Strong blue - Aids in reducing stress, lubricates joints and connective tissue

Blue - Regenerates muscle cells, skin, nerves, and circulatory system

Indigo - Purifies circulatory system as a coagulant and analgesic

Violet - Relaxes nerves and lymphatic system, helps heal infections and inflammations


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