What is the difference between infrared and a conventional sauna?

  • Infrared saunas heat through light, as opposed to convection heat. So instead of heating the air around you, infrared saunas heat you from your core - naturally healing your body from within.

Is it okay if I sit in the sauna if I have....

  • As we are not medical professionals, please consult a doctor before booking an infrared sauna session if you have any concerns.

What are the possible benefits from infrared saunas treatments? 

  • Detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, weight loss, improved circulation, skin purification, cell health, immunity. 

How can I book a sauna session?

  • You can book online through our booking page, over the phone at 413.727.3780, or in-person at our Main Street location.

How hot do the saunas get?

  • About 155 degrees fahrenheit. However, we can reduce the heat to suit your preference.

How should I prep before my sauna session? 

  • Drink plenty of water before and remember to bring a water bottle to drink during your sessions and afterwards. Come in wearing comfortable clothing that will be easy to slip on after a detoxifying sweat. We also recommend not wearing any makeup, moisturizer, or oils. For more detailed information check out our Sanctuary Etiquette page.

Can two people sit in one sauna for their session?

  • Yes, but we strongly suggest each person book their own sauna. The saunas are the perfect size for one person and can feel a little tight with two people.

Do you have showers?

  • We do not have showers, as it is recommended to wait 30 minutes until showering in order for your body to naturally return to its regular temperature.


What should I do if I get too hot during my session?

  • If you start to feel overheated, simply open the glass door to the sauna and the temperature will slowly cool down.


Can I wear makeup?

  • We recommend not wearing any makeup, body lotions, or oils before your sauna session because you will likely sweat it off. We do have face and body oil testers for after your sauna session.


What do I wear in the sauna?

  • Whatever you would like - Wear nothing, a bathing suit, or a towel wrap we will provide for you.

Do you sweat in the sauna?

  • Yes. 

How will I know when my sauna session is over?

  • We set a timer that will automatically turn the sauna off after your booked time has expired. The timer is inside of the sauna, so you will be able to see the time remaining.


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