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When Jesus Shaved His Beard

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I had coffee with our local (rock star) functional medicine doctor. I’m going to call him Jesús because what ensued as we got to know one another led to an Aha moment that still has me laughing, and revealed that we are held captive by beliefs that just aren’t true. He changed my life.

It starts like this.

Jesús has quite the reputation, so, early on I developed a star-struck doctor crush. He was referring people to my sauna, which bloated my plumes, and eventually one of my clients took his OligoScan results (information on our website) to Jesús for a second opinion. Shortly after that, Jesús came walking through my doors asking questions. Slinging around my proverbial cowboy hat - completely intimidated - I toured him around. I shared my take on interior design and its impact on mental health and the thyroid (Thelō is a whole lifestyle concept!). I showed him the OligoScan process, the Netflix option on our sauna tablets, our rather sexy lounge, and plans of the empire I was conspiring to build with adaptogens and kindness. The only thing I was missing, was him. As he walked out the front door, I turned to my employee, who was already bouncing, with high five extended. We yelled, “He came to us!”

Months went by without word from Jesús, insecurity set in, perhaps my follow up email was too much? Was my humor too telling of my redneck genes - I had offered to do a recipe swap. Had I confirmed that what he came in to find out, was that I was just a quack with good taste? Then, just like that, he appeared again! He had become a grandfather to a west coast baby. So with all confidence on deck, we exchanged numbers and committed to having coffee.

I sipped jasmine tea in between the sharing of our details. Our rapport was so flawless, we had to check in with one another about it a few times. Eventually I translated our new bond like this, “Jesús, it’s sort of like a friendship where when you die, you’ll leave me artwork.” His laughter, preceded by confusion, asked first, “Did she say that? And was it funny?” It was endearing, as though some of my ridiculousness spilled on the table and stained his age, and education, confirming that when wellness begins within, the playing field is level…until someone needs stitches, I suppose.

The Aha moment.

With greatness there’s rumors, and Jesús shared head-shaking things that I confirmed I had heard too. We leaned in a bit, voices dropping as he listed what I was mouthing:

“Jesús is retiring.”

Not true.

“No one can get into see Jesús.”

Not true.

Then Jesús seemed to pull from the vault, “People come up to me and ask when I shaved my beard off.”

I take a shot of jasmine, thinking he’s referring to people getting a little too personal in the grocery store, and add,“Glad they don’t ask me that!”

Then, shyly he adds, “I’ve never had a beard.”

What? I almost missed it! All of the sudden I’d been invited into the pain of celebrity. What this man has endured! Incensed, I think for a minute. I decide to tell Jesús the truth of the matter, “Jesús, they see you as a savior. It’s like… if Jesus shaved his beard.” There’s pure laughter between us. He doesn’t show all of his teeth, however. His modesty dominates.

The sweetness of that afternoon has stayed with me. I’ve tucked the exchange of wonderful words under my hat that I now will tip when in the presence of people who come to ask questions. But what does this have to do with January, or detoxing, life? Absolutely everything. You see, we have some serious beliefs formed around our assumptions, circumstances, experiences. Believing someone had a beard—well, maybe it is a Jesus-savior thing, but what about those things we believe that keep us from healing? From real change, and growth?

Don’t take a challenge, or succumb to 5 steps. Detox your beliefs. This is moving out of, and into a lifestyle that dwells in truth. Ask yourself what you believe about food, alcohol, your relationships, life…is it true?

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